Halloween and Chestnuts with Evenia Hotels

This Friday and Saturday celebrates Halloween and eat Chestnuts with Evenia Hotels.


Every year, in this date, you see chestnuts and costumes everywhere. It is a nice popular tradition.
If you are staying in the Evenia Olympic Resort, you don’t miss the activities offered by the hotel. Since morning the children’s workshops begin and they are complemented by the entertainment program for both adults and children.


There will be different kind of workshops as Candy Workshops, balloons Workshop for learning how to make shapes of animals, crafts, makeup to terrorize your friends and family and more. There will also be shows as parrots or Fakir who surprise us with his skills and introduce us to his fearsome snakes.


And the party continues with a costume contest. Participate and astonish us with your scariest costume. Then it will be music and dance for children with mini disco and then for adults.


Do not forget that you can taste delightful chestnuts on Saturday afternoon. Do not miss Halloween in Lloret de Mar. It will be scary!

Moreover, if you are in Barcelona and you want to revel in an exquisitely terrifying dinner, do not wait and come to our restaurant L’Illa del Rosselló, located in the Evenia Rossello.


Enjoy an amazing dinner with the company of your friends, family or couple. Sure to be an amazing night with lots of flavour and fun.


Live Halloween and taste Chestnuts differently. See you there!