New Water Park with slides in Lloret de Mar

Hotel with slides in Lloret de Mar: Olympic Resort

Evenia Olympic Resort has just opened a new pool area, especially dedicated to youth and children. This resort has become a hotel with slides in Lloret de Mar, it is ideal for family tourism, leisure and entertainment in the Costa Brava.

Slides Evenia Olympic Resort

Is there a water park in the Olympic Resort?

The recently opened new water park is composed of slides; slides with different circuits and lengths and suitable for teenagers and adults too. And just across the bridge there is the area specially dedicated to the kids, with a pirate ship that will delight all children, with slides and all the comfort. The children will play and imagine that they are a real pirate as Jack Sparrow.  Furthermore, there are dragons, crocodiles and more animals too.

Pirate Ship Evenia Olympic Resort

The new pool with slides perfectly complements with the tropical pool and with a varied entertainment program, which the little ones, young, and even adults delight it and it will be an unforgettable holidays in Lloret de Mar. Enjoy family tourism in Evenia Olympic Resort in Lloret de Mar.

Are the children free?

YES. So, what do you expect? Book now and benefit with our promotion related about the new water area opening with slides. Come to Evenia Olympic Resort from May to June 22nd and remember that the CHILDREN ARE FREE. Don’t miss this great opportunity for having a pleasant stay with your children in a hotel with slides in Lloret de Mar.

Slides Evenia Olympic Resort Slides Evenia Olympic Resort Water Park Evenia Olympic Resort Water Park Evenia Olympic Resort

Let your kids have an amazing holidays in our hotel with slides in Lloret de Mar: Evenia Olympic Resort.