Evenia Hotels goes to IMEX and others shows

May 20th-22nd, Evenia Hotels goes to IMEX in Frankfurt and others shows. MICE Tourism is rising and networking too.


For example, this week, Evenia Hotels is in Roadshow in United Kingdom. It was arranged by the Catalan Tourist Board. This workshop takes place in three different cities, exactly in Manchester, Oxford and London. It is a great opportunity that English market knows Catalunya and its products. It is the beginning of a new commercial relationship. Maybe in a future not so far, they would like to visit Catalunya.


Next week it is IMEX. It is not the big place where thousands of professional concentrate for networking. Furthermore, it will be educational sessions for improving, developing and learning how to relate to MCIE Tourism. Don’t forget the new technologies as the new mobile applications.

Evenia Hotels participates in IMEX for finding new trends, new ideas, new German companies and new international companies. According to figures from IMEX 2013, there were over 64,000 appointments between buyers and exhibitors.

May 21st– 23rd, again with the Catalan Tourist Board, Evenia Hotels goes to Bilbao and San Sebastián.  This case the market is destined to Family market. Nowadays families travel or spend their holidays within their own country. It is the best opportunity to promote Catalunya and their establishments. Evenia Hotels shows their hotels located in Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava). Evenia Olympic Resort is ideal for families. Because it has renewed its rooms and there is new aquatic area with slides and a pirate ship for children.  Absolutely fun!


Moreover, Evenia Hotels continues its participation in national and international fairs. Therefore, it is expanding to other continents. In this case, it is interested in America. Some of the cities they plan to visit are Miami and Las Vegas.

Evenia Hotels is a dynamic company that wants to be present in all or most MICE events. Furthermore it is participating in Family Tourism and Sports Tourism too. Because the market is increasing and its evolution is very important for advancing and for modernizing. It must not become obsolete.