1st International Festival of Magic in Lloret de Mar

Enjoy the 1st International Festival of Magic in Lloret de Mar

August, 01st and 02nd, Lloret de Mar will hold one of the nights more magical which they will be memorable, with the 1st International Festival of Magic in Lloret de Mar. This new event takes place in the Congress Center of Evenia Olympic Resort

1er Festival Internacional de Magia de Lloret de Mar

¿Would you like to come to this Festival of Magic free?

Evenia Olympic Resort will raffle two double tickets. Evenia Olympic Resort makes it easy.

This show will bring together the best magicians recognized in the national and international area and Lloret de Mar will become the international capital of magic for a few days. There will be the 5 best magicians with five different performances which they will surprise and captivate us. All these functions have been released in Spain but never before they had managed to get together in the same show and directed by Magic Sergio.

This festival aims to arouse the curiosity and the imagination of the audience; with a visual exhibition that rarely there is the opportunity to see it in Spain. Furthermore, it is suitable for all the audiences, from children to adults. It will be amazing, even more exciting. Surely, people will be saying the inevitable statement, how did they do that?

5 different ways for knowing the Magic

  • Magic Sergio. He is the artistic Manager of the Festival and who hosts this event too. His life has always been link with the magic and the entertainment. His expertly presented magic wows kids and adults alike. We will admire his introductions and his participative games. How many surprises have Magic Sergio organized to us?
  • Magic Taps. An artistic couple who are revolutionizing all stages that they visited with their performance of comedy magic. We will see in their spectacle: humor, magic, music, dance… ¿are you ready? It will be few minutes of magic and laughter at a frenetic pace.
  • Charlie Magician. He is a rising star in the world of magic, which has traveled around the world presented his show in the best festivals on 5 continents. Charlie makes pigeons disappear from the most unexpected places. He has a fresh and dynamic performance which will captivate us.
  • Enric Magoo. He will present us his main show “Frankie J. B.”, which he was awarded the most important prizes in the world of magic. His performance is a mini drama that the starring is Frankenstein and he has a love affair with his assistant.
  • Mago Sun. He is specialized in illusionism, one of the most visual categories in the world of magic. He will appear and disappear people and we will see many things that did not really happen but we will see them. There will be afireworksshowand with the style ofLasVegas, exclusive for this event, because it is not usual to see it in Europe.

¿Where and When could we see this 1st International Festival of Magic in Lloret de Mar?

This festival takes place in August 1st and 2nd, in the Evenia Olympic Congress Center of Lloret de Mar. There will be 3 performances:

  • August 01st: at 10pm
  • August 02nd: at 06pm and 10pm

¿How much it costs?

The ticket price is 12 euros Children and 20 euros Adults.

¿Where do you buy the tickets?

You can get the tickets at the same Evenia Olympic Resort. More information and sales: +34 972 37 44 44/ +34 972 37 44 89

  • Timetable from Monday to Friday: 10h-14h / 16h-20h
  • Timetable from Saturday to Sunday: 12h-14h / 16h-20h

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